6 months of Being a Gluten Free Family…

So the past 6 months have been some of the hardest and challenging times of my life. Not only because of our diet changes, but life has definitely thrown me some curve balls to keep things interesting. As I look back at everything we have endured and how far we have come, I can’t help but feel so proud of our accomplishments. I know if I can make it through a year like 2017, I can make it through anything.

So, I knew Darren and I would have some weight loss during this process and I was totally okay with that. I just had no idea how much better we would all feel and how different we would all look. I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone this morning looking for old photos of us to truly see the difference. It was hard for me to find a full body photo because apparently I was trying to hide my fat from the world….Anyways, I found a picture I snapped in April. I remember trying on these shorts and making them my “goal shorts” for the summer. They were way too tight and I could barely button them up. I was mad that I had so much weight to lose and it wasn’t happening fast enough. I was working out 4-6 times a week and I still had a spare tire, chubby thighs, and love handles. I was pissed and determined to lose the rest so I snapped the photo for motivation. Today I decided to put on that exact same outfit and see the difference. The results speak for themselves.


My diet was key in the losing the last of the weight I wanted to get rid of. Read the book Wheat Belly. It fully describes how spare tires and love handles all come from wheat consumption. Even man boobs are from wheat consumption. Yep, I said it. Man boobs.

Apparently that was my problem too. Once I stopped eating wheat and dairy, the weight fell right off. It was so easy for me to lose that last bit of weight just by altering my diet to organic produce and getting rid of gluten and dairy. My energy levels are completely different by cutting down on the carbs and other garbage I was consuming. Now I work out the same amount and my heart rate is lower and I am overall way healthier. I will never go back to gluten and dairy.

Sure every now and again Darren and I will indulge in a few treats. I still eat cheese on a burger or taco every so often and Darren still eats out during work sometimes, but I would say that 97% of the time, we stick to this diet. I usually feel like shit if I eat any gluten or dairy, so I avoid it most of the time. Once you eat this healthy a majority of the time, you don’t want bad food anymore. That is the craziest thing to me. I don’t even crave Taco Bell at all anymore. I haven’t had a cheesy gordita crunch or breadsticks from Olive Garden in OVER 6 MONTHS! That blows me away just typing that. If we eat out, we stick to Chipotle, In N Out, or Chick Fil A. These are the only fast food restaurants that have high quality meat and the least amount of processed foods.

Next is Darren. This guy right here has lost about 40 pounds from this diet change. I kind of hate him for it. Just kidding. He has had the biggest health changes from this. I am so glad he feels good again. Our entire marriage he has suffered with heart burn, gout, and hemorrhoids. Now he feels great and looks like he is 20. He is totally ripped and in great shape. Again, I hate him for it. I have only lost like 30 pounds and my muscles are still hidden. He looks like Channing Tatum. Check out the difference.


Next is little Chloe. I am so glad we did this for her. She is such a different kiddo. She went from 24.4 pounds in May to 27.2 pounds as of last week. Her hair has gotten thicker, she has regular bowel movements now, her attitude is night and day difference, and she is happy again. I am ecstatic to see her improve so much. Her vocabulary has improved and her separation anxiety has completely dissipated as well. It is so nice to be able to leave her with Darren or his mom without a complete meltdown and me feeling like a horrible mom.  She really was suffering from some severe anxiety and I hated watching her act like this. It was heart breaking. Even my buddy Johnny mentioned that he wouldn’t want to come in our house after work sometimes because he was afraid of how Chloe would respond. Now she runs out to Johnny and Darren with a giant hug and smile.

Most of the side effects from Miralax have went away. She still has random tics that I hope she grows out of, but overall we have seen major improvements with her development and that is super relieving. I can’t even tell you how worried I was about the long term effects from that poison. Every time I see Miralax at the grocery store, I have to refrain myself from knocking over the aisle filled with that poison. I may have a problem. Who knows.

I can’t say that Connor has changed that much. He has always been thin and healthy and since he has been back at school since August, we haven’t been strict with him on the gluten free diet. I have tried my best to keep his life as normal as possible throughout all of this. I take him to get donuts and other treats whenever we are out of the house and Chloe isn’t present. I make sure he still gets to have his special time, but our house is officially gluten free and I like it this way. We have healthy dinners and breakfasts daily and the boys get to eat what they want for lunch. Chloe and I usually have leftovers from the night before and Darren still brings a lunch a good portion of the time.

I can honestly say this has been the best thing I have ever made my family do! It has been challenging for sure, but the knowledge I have gained and the health benefits are life changing. I know we can do hard things and come out on top. We are warriors.

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