Gluten Free and Finally Three!

Man, it has been a minute since I have updated my blog! No other reason then well, life. This is a fun hobby for me, but I also am trying to get balance back into my life and that sometimes involves little to no writing. Sorry!

Anyways, I have finally started to feel like a human again. We are back to our school routine and life has finally calmed down. I am no longer on edge 24-7 wondering if Chloe’s intestines are okay. They are and she is doing better than ever. I can honestly say that I have never seen her so happy or so healthy. As her mom, this is the greatest gift I could ever receive. She went from barely pooping every 3-4 days to going daily. If she skips a day, it’s never more than one. I can not believe what a difference this diet change has made for her and the rest of us are still obsessed with how amazing we feel.

Darren still packs his lunch everyday and we have been sticking to our meal plans so we make sure we have enough leftovers for our lunches. This helps me so much so I am not stuck in the kitchen cooking 5 course gourmet meals anymore. I am pretty much down to just cooking a big dinner and a big breakfast on the weekends.

We also had some exciting stuff happen around here too. CHLOE TURNED 3!!! Yay! We were thrilled to throw a party for her and celebrate all of her accomplishments this past year. The last 365 days were hell for her, so to be able to throw a bash in her honor was great. I debated a lot about what to do and where to have the party. I am glad I ended up making all of the gluten free food and having the party at my house. It could not have been better. We set up the bounce house in the back yard and had appetizers for our guests. Everything we made was gluten free, dairy free, and corn free. We fed around 40 people so this was a bit of a challenge. We stuck with food that everyone seems to like. We made deviled eggs with avocado mayo and organic mustard. We made chocolate gluten free cupcakes with gluten free/dairy free frosting. We even did a fruit tray with dip made from sunbutter, cinnamon, almond milk, and maple syrup. Then we made a veggie tray with our own special ranch dressing. I even whipped up a gluten free pasta salad! The cake was the only thing that we did not prepare. The food took Darren and I all day Sunday to make, but it was worth every second of it to see her happiness and not stress about getting her sick.

We partied our hearts out and let her eat as much cake and cupcakes as she wanted. Pretty sure she didn’t even have dinner that night and I am 100% okay with that. The only exception I had for the party was soda and that was because Chloe has never been a soda drinker and could care less about it. (Soda has high fructose corn syrup in it, so that’s why she can’t have it if you were wondering.) 

Today was very exciting as well because I took her back to the pediatrician for her 3 year check up. Since we were there in May when all hell was breaking loose, she has gained 2 pounds 2 ounces and almost grew an entire inch!! Her percentage in weight went from 8% to 11%. The doctor even noticed the huge difference in her, so I had to tell her about what we did. She was very impressed I stepped up and tested her for food allergies. Once I explained what we found out, her jaw dropped. She even asked if she was still on Miralax. Hell to the NO! Haven’t touched that poison in ages and she is better than ever. We had a long talk about how cutting out gluten and dairy highly reduces the inflammatory response in our bodies and how much better off she will be because we are doing the changes now. My entire family has witnessed this firsthand. Darren and I had no idea how inflamed our own bodies were and the difference is monumental. 

The doctor also wanted to give her a flu shot, which I turned down. I vaccinate my kids, but I am just not ready to do any more damage to my poor little Chloe. Preventative or not, I am so sick of seeing her suffer. I feel like people will think I am weirdo for having my take on all of this, but I don’t care one bit. I am trying to make the best decisions for my daughter who is finally back on track to being a healthy kiddo. Everyone around her has noticed so much improvement in her health and overall demeanor. I am so thrilled for the positive changes so we just keep plugging along and doing whatever we can to succeed.

I also started making some new goals for myself and my family. We are still incorporating a new dish once a week. This week it is going to be cauliflower pizza with dairy free mozzarella. That should be interesting, so I will keep you posted! I am finally getting back to a workout routine too. Last week I went hiking twice, did kickboxing once, and even did some weight lifting. I need to make time for me and working out is my escape. I am a much better wife and mom when I find at least 30 minutes to sweat out my stress. Life is hard and it can be a lot harder when you don’t take care of yourself. Believe me, I know. So we are now back to the happy Kidd’s rather than the stressed out crazy Kidd’s from the beginning of the summer. I feel so blessed to be right here at this spot finally. We deserve it.



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