Going Against the Grains. Literally.

I have always went against the grains. My whole life I haven’t been one to do what other people are doing or even what people expect me to do. I do what I want, when I want, and that drives some people crazy. I don’t care!! I have always been an individual who never quite fully fit in. That’s okay. I don’t need sympathy, I like being different. I never fit into Utah or Idaho standards, I was always an outcast. I never was a good Mormon. My views are completely different. Some people admire me for that, some people judge the living shit out of me for that. Oh well, life goes on…When I met my husband almost a decade ago, one of the first conversations we had was whether we were leaders or followers. I think as an adolescent, you figure this out on your own. We both said we were leaders and that made us have an instant connection. We both have a “I don’t give a shit what you think” attitude and that is what keeps people intrigued.

I believe this is why our new lifestyle is so captivating to so many people. What we are doing with our health changes are completely unpopular and not what “so called society” agrees with. When I go off on a tangent about health and nutrition to people, I get looked at like I am some hippie wearing Birkenstocks with dreadlocks and hairy armpits who lives in a cabin in the woods. Sometimes this bothers me, sometimes it makes me laugh. Whatevs. I don’t need anyone’s approval other than my children’s and they seem to like me.

I have had so many people unfollow or unfriend me throughout this journey and that is interesting to me. I used to be just like everyone else in society not paying attention to the food I consumed or the products I bought. I used to be chubby, full of anxiety, horrific sinus pain, high blood pressure, inflammation, and just basically unhealthy. Now, I am happy, healthy, skinny(er,) and I feel great. The only time I don’t feel good is when I cheat and eat some garbage. I really had no idea that my anxiety, sinus pressure, inflammation, etc. all was rooted from my diet.

I have no reason to make any of this up. This is me. A real person who finally had a life altering situation to wake me the hell up. Now, here I am over 3 months into this and am a changed person. FOR THE BETTER! If someone would’ve told us 6 months ago that we would be living like this, we would’ve laughed in their face. HARD. We loved our weekly Olive Garden trips or our takeout meals. Now, we cook everything from scratch and love every second of it. Eh, mostly. Those damn dishes though…but we now know what a difference proper nutrition does to the human body. I would’ve done this a year ago if I had the proper tools and was ready to make this change. I was so worn out from wondering if Chloe would poop and how horrendous each movement would be. Now, she is going daily and it is easy. No more blood curdling screams and shitting out soda cans. Yes, it was that bad. If you have a kid experiencing this kind of trauma, I beg you to get them tested for food allergies. Kids should not be this constipated. It all roots from diet.

On the plus side, I have had so much support from so many people. Some I know, some are complete strangers who have been down this road and are just willing to help. I have had lots of people tell me that my blog is inspiring to them and their families. When people send me messages and ask for help, I jump for joy! Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything! Honestly, even if it is about poop.  I don’t have all the answers, but I have dedicated the past 3 months of my life to learning as much as I possibly can about health and nutrition. I have read so much and learned so much that I am happy to share my wisdom with anyone. I am no nutritionist or doctor, just another mom doing whatever she can to heal her sick daughter. I have learned that ALL disease starts in the gut. Yes, ALL of them. If you have a leaky gut, your body has a much harder time fighting germs and infections. Plus, if you have to take antibiotics for any infection, this leads to a leakier gut and causing more problems.

I fully believe all of my problems have been caused by this. I mean hello! Ulcers, appendicitis, sinusitis, pancreatitis, and even the lump I found in my left breast back in November. All caused by inflammation in my gut. Damn. I did go see my OB/GYN back in January and had a mammogram which came back fine, but my doctor recommended I take primrose oil to lower the inflammation in my body. That is nice and all, but why don’t doctors suggest to change your crappy diet? Why is it always a pill or prescription? I sure like doctors who take a natural approach and try to get to the root of the issues. These “doctors” look like witch doctors to “society” and people are so skeptical. Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Holistic Doctors, Acupuncturists, etc. People scoff when they hear these words. I did too, but the doctors who prescribe meds they get a kick back off of are the ones we can trust?! Hmmm. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of people I respect that work in the medical field and I understand that certain meds are necessary, but I personally have never had a normal doctor tell me to change my diet. Not one.

I trust doctors just like everyone else. They save lives and they do what they know best, but not a lot of doctors are even familiar with Celiac or the leaky gut. Only the past 5 years have people started to pay attention to Gastrointestinal issues and how vital of a role they play into our health. Wow, I just heard how hippie like I sound. I feel like such a weirdo, but I feel it is my moral obligation to share what I have learned. I have reached out to friends who had doctors prescribe their kids Miralax, I have stopped people in the grocery store to talk to them, I have reached out to many parents on my support groups, I have shared recipes and bone broth info and so much more. I am a fuckin’ hippie! And I do not care. I am me. Like me or not, you’re still reading.

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