Darren aka Hubster

So my husband is as much of an open book as I am and he fully agreed to let me talk about all of this. Believe it or not.  

The biggest change I’ve noticed in anyone’s health from this new lifestyle (besides Chloe’s) is Darren’s. I am pretty sure he didn’t even know how desperately bad his own body needed to change.

Let me give you a little background on this poor guy.  Every single day since the day I’ve met him, he has had horrendous heart burn.  Not like the “take-a-tums-and-you’re-good kind of heartburn,” I’m talking heartburn so painful that he would take a Prilosec pill every morning, 7-10 tums daily,  down a giant glass of milk, and still might vomit if he ate something too acidity or spicy. Yep. Every single day. Sometimes he wouldn’t even eat dinner because he was so miserable. I’ve always been worried about the long term side effects from that much antacid use and that for sure has affected him as well. 

Darren has also suffered from severe hemorrhoids. Yep, those mean little bastards that no one likes to talk about. Ick. In high school, I remember sitting in Mr. Buys’ Human Physiology class (Mr. Buys was the absolute most amazing teacher I’ve ever had by the way) and hemorrhoids being mentioned. We all chuckled and he politely reminded us that 1 in 3 people will experience hemorrhoids in their life. I remember praying that would never be me….Thankfully, that was something I never experienced throughout either pregnancy and I feel beyond blessed. However, Darren has had a flare up almost monthly if not weekly for our entire marriage. He uses his fair share of Preparation H as well as cortisone cream to deal. 

On top of the “H” words, Darren has also had a significant amount of gout in his ankles. This gout has been so painful for him and when you combine it with heartburn and a hemorrhoid flare up, that combo is pure misery. 

Believe me, I’ve had to baby him through this for a decade now. Not trying to down play his pain, but man pain is somewhat pathetic compared to the hell women deal with….anyways, that is another topic…

The past few months that we have changed our lifestyle so significantly, ALL of these problems have dissipated. Not just one of them, but ALL of them. Can you imagine how much better he feels?! Because I have witnessed this first hand. I thought my husband was going to be the hardest person to change in my house. This man loves his ice cream, meat and cheese so much, but now he is to the point that he is taking his own lunch to work in a cooler because he hates what fast food does to him. This is the picture he sent me yesterday of his food. 

I made the chicken in the crock pot the day before and shredded it. I made the gluten free brownie the night before as well. The ranch has a shelf life of a week, so he took that with some veggies and fruits. I am beyond thrilled to see these changes in him. He feels better, he looks better and we fight a hell of a lot less. I had no clue that our diet affected our marriage, but it did and now we are so much happier and healthier than we ever have been. 

We would’ve never done this change without the push from Chloe and now we are all so much better off. It’s amazing how much gut health affects the rest of our bodies. Not just kids with Celiac, but full grown adults with real issues too. If you or your kid has ADD, ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, Anxiety, Ezcema, behavior problems, constipation, diarrhea, night terrors, acne, long term antibiotic exposure, or so, so much more…please look into their diet and healing the leaky gut. You will be blown away at the problems a healthy diet can fix. I sure was. 

One thought on “Darren aka Hubster

  1. You are an incredible writer Torrie! I’m so glad Darren is doing much better. But especially Chloe! It’s crazy how many people have siliacs disease and aren’t even aware of it. Thank you for sharing. I can’t say it enough you’re an amazing wife and Mother.

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