Yesterday was the best day ever. No day could have been worse than Monday so it had to be great. Seriously, that was the worst case of Mondays. Ever. I don’t know how we survived! I woke up yesterday morning with absolutely no expectations. If I have learned anything in my 33 years of life, it is that expectations are a total bummer. Do not expect shit from anyone or anything, it will only leave you disappointed.

Yesterday Darren had the day off due to a last minute cancellation. We got Connor to school and by 9 am the water heater part was delivered! Yahoo!! We called the plumber and got in the schedule. I still did not have any expectations. I planned on the part not working and another 6 days without hot water, I was not about to jinx myself on this one.

I was craving hot water so bad yesterday morning that I got in the hot tub for a bit just to remember what hot water felt like. It was amazing. Then, I got out and started a migraine so I went and laid down. I actually got a 2 hour nap in!!! I was beyond thrilled! Darren hung out with Chloe while I got to sleep! How about that for a great day?! Then, I even started a Netflix show! Having no expectations made yesterday go as smooth peanut butter. The plumber showed up at 4 and we had hot water by dinner time. I immediately started dishes and laundry. You really take for granted things as simple as hot water until you don’t have it. Funny how life works like that. I used to be so spoiled and now I appreciate (worship) the simplest things like good health, healthy food, and hot water.

Today after I got Connor off to school and Darren off to work, Chloe and I cleaned my disaster of a house. I gave Chloe a duster and I cranked up Pandora while we danced and cleaned the day away. I always feel so much less stressed when my house is spotlessly clean. I can’t even remember the last time it was this clean. Maybe like March? Seriously, it was desperately needed.

Now, I am sitting in the office, paying bills, answering emails and getting back to what I consider a normal day. I had no idea when I started this blog that I would be documenting the hardest months of my life. I had no idea that this crazy gluten free life of ours would create so much attention. And I am okay with it. I am glad I can bring awareness to people if nothing else. I have nothing to gain from this but helping others. My life has changed so much the past few months that things will never be the same. I have gained so much and lost a lot. When you go through trials, you really see who is there for you and who is there to watch you fall. It is quite eye opening. Watch out for the people who secretly want you to fail. Then, prove them wrong. Nothing in life is more satisfying than proving your haters wrong.

I will never be the same person after these life altering experiences. I am a better person from all of my challenges. I am a better mother from all of my challenges. But most of all, I am a better Torrie from all of my challenges.

At this point in our journey, I feel like we have got the food thing down. As long as Darren is here to help me experiment with a new recipe, I do it. Last night we made buffalo chicken in spaghetti squash with a side of cauliflower. The day before we had rotisserie chicken with broccoli and cauliflower. Tonight we are having teriyaki meatballs with rainbow carrots and asparagus. Tomorrow we are having turkey spaghetti in spaghetti squash. Friday we are having Fajita bowls and then I will have to grocery shop. Only having to cook one big meal since school is in back in session is a life saver! I needed this break in cooking so badly! I have found that meal prepping is the best thing ever. It helps me stick to a budget and it helps me stay on track. I also try and make extra food for dinner so Chloe and I have it for lunch the following day. This saves us time and money!

We got this. Just another bump in the road of life. Every day is a new battle and every day we somehow conquer it. I amaze myself at times. I have no idea how I am still sane. Scratch that. Somewhat sane? Who knows! All I know is that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Whatever battle you got going on, know you got this.


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