New Goals

Since Chloe is healing and getting better every day. I have decided I need to make new goals to keep us on this healthy path. I am going to incorporate one new meal every week. We are sooooo bored with food. We need some variety. We tried homemade sweet and spicy chicken that was bomb!! It will definitely make the rotation. Seriously, it was better than the orange chicken from Panda Express and it was healthy! Win, win! 

I haven’t found a good barbecue sauce that doesn’t have corn starch so I’ve decided I need to start making my own. Pinterest is amazing for these kind of things. I’ve found so many gluten free/dairy free/corn free/paleo recipes to try and since my hubby is a master chef, he can help me. I get too wound up and stressed when I try to make new stuff on my own. 

I feel like we are going to master this new diet. Scratch that. Lifestyle. We are never going back to where we were. We all feel and look so much better, why would go back? Especially if that means diarrhea. Gross. 

I am also in the process of removing more toxins from my home. I am slowly getting rid of plastic everything. (Well, except toys.) Tupper ware, dishes, cups, water bottles, cooking utensils, etc. I want as little cancer causing items in my house. This one will take some time. I used to buy all of my cooking utensils from Walmart (because I’m cheap) and now I realize I need everything to be stainless steel or glass. I will get there. I’m just trying not to overwhelm myself. 

Chloe is a great helper! 

Download the Think Dirty App- it’s free, and you scan products in your house and see the toxic levels of things. 1 is the least toxic, 10 is the highest level of toxicity. First thing I scanned was my Paul Mitchell hairspray. It got a 9. Shit! I’ve been using this hairspray for 20 years. Oops. I still have so much to learn. However, I have already replaced our shampoos, body soap, hand soap, and a slew of other toxic items. I am blown away at so many things we buy that are full of cancer. Yuck. No wonder why 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime now. It’s disgusting how many things are toxic to our well being and are approved by the FDA for a chunk of change. I am disgusted. 

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