Time for a check up! 

We had our two month check up today and it went better than expected. It’s been such a roller coaster these last couple of months, so I had no idea what to expect. Well, I was pleasantly surprised!! Her organs are functioning much better. We still need to work on the liver and gall bladder so we talked about raw pickles that she will most likely eat. I’m more than excited make some of these! I love me some pickles! Like it’s a legit obsession. Same with Chloe. Anyways, enough about pickles…Then we did more testing and he found NO sensitivities showing. Which means she hasn’t ingested or been exposed to any gluten, corn, or dairy.  We are still not introducing any of them back into her diet and he doesn’t recommend it either….Well, gluten will never be back in our diets, but it also means we’ve most likely healed her gut!!!  This is huge!!  If you look into healing the leaky gut, it is not a simple process. He was very impressed with how serious I’ve taken this. (But he also doesn’t understand how big of a freak I am and how much I invest into something I feel is important, especially my daughter’s health.) He told me he is so passionate about helping kids  because he loves stories like Chloe’s. Kids are so resiliant and can recover so much quicker than an adult from this damage. She has gained 1.3 pounds this past month. That’s also HUGE!

He told me word for word that I have saved my daughter from a lifetime of more problems. I almost cried. Making these changes for my family has been the best thing for us. I have struggled so much wondering about the Miralax damage and side effects. I have beat myself up more than anyone else could ever do, so hearing this from a doctor who truly helped us, made me feel like a rockstar!

We also chatted about food and how eye opening this has been for me. People do not realize how awful some of this crap is. I never did! But now I will never change! This is something we needed to learn and go through, I honestly feel that way.

We also talked about her overall appearance and how much that has changed. He mentioned the biggest change was her eyes. I happen to agree. 

Things went so well in fact that we didn’t even need to reschedule. He told me to call if I needed anything, but to keep up the good work and call him in a year to retest. This is the best day ever. 💗💗💗

No going back for the Kidd family. We are changed for the better.

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