Potty Training

Life is finally settling down a bit and Chloe is continuing to thrive. I finally got to have a girls night out with my friend Melissa. We had amazing sushi and then went to a bar to meet a friend. I definitely needed a fun night of normal life. Sushi was my first cheat meal in a few weeks and it was amazing!!!! The only gluten was in the shrimp tempura roll (I think) that we had and it was minimal. I did not get sick at all. We ended up ordering 4 different sushi rolls!… I may have been starving. 

Chloe is a completely different child, FOR THE BETTER. Her vocabulary has increased so much and she is getting thicker and happier every day. She has learned all of her shapes and numbers 1-10 in the past 2 weeks. A month ago you could barely understand the words that she was saying, now she is speaking in full sentences, and not repeating herself like she was when she was on Miralax. I am beyond relieved to see the side effects diminish!! I have prayed so hard and lost so much sleep about the long-term effects that this would have on her. I will continue to pray and hope for the best! 

Unfortunately, we are so very far away from potty training. Thankfully she is having bowel movements almost every day and it is not near as scary as it used to be. She has so much fear about going poop that it gives her anxiety and there is no way we can even think about doing it in the toilet. We will get there. Its a long damn marathon. I saw this squatty potty for kids that looks like a motorcycle. We are definitely going to be purchasing it when the time comes. 

Chloe’s birthday is September 18th. I have debated in the past about putting her in school early. Mostly for my own sanity. Now that we are going through all of this, I think it’s going to be a blessing to have her be the oldest kid, not the youngest. She needs the extra time to get better and get ready for school. I’m so grateful that I am on the PTO and will be able to help her with the challenges she will face when it gets time to start kindergarten. And I’m glad I can raise awareness for other parents and kids with food allergies. It’s ridiculous how many kids are allergic to food these days. What in the hell are we eating?!?! I will now be the PTO mom that makes allergy friendly treats for the school, not anymore Oreo Lasagna. Sorry ladies! 

These changes have been hard and we are getting bored with our food. I whipped out my good ol’ gluten free cookbooks yesterday and I’m going to try a couple new recipes this week. Barbecue meatballs tonight and teriyaki chicken wings sometime this week. By the way things are going, I estimate I’m spending around $600 a month on food. Not as bad as I thought. If you think that’s expensive, remember I am feeding 4 people 3 times a day at least. It’s really pretty reasonable. Especially since we no longer order Chinese food or pizza! 

We have all adjusted pretty well to the new diet changes. I still crave a burger every now and again, but knowing how shitty I would feel if I ate it, stops the cravings immediately. Connor hates all of this and I’m afraid when he gets freedom, he’s going to devour junk and get sick. He will learn. We’ve been letting him have ice cream, soda, and donuts when he’s out running errands with Dad. He needs a break too. 

Everything in our lives has changed this summer, but all for the better. 

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