So this might shock some of you, but I used to be a real shitty cook. So shitty in fact that my hubby had to teach me. This is why we are so perfect together. Darren knew from day one that I didn’t cook so he knew what he was getting into. He even took culinary classes and planned on being a chef one day. Turns out he’s a much better entrepreneur, but he’s a damn good cook too. 

I did not learn how to cook until Connor started eating solid foods. The first couple years of our marriage Darren would come home from working 10+ hours and cook dinner for us. All I would do is get out the meat to defrost. Every day for 2 years. Bless his heart for not leaving me. 

When I started to learn, I was horrible. I could not even make Kraft Mac & Cheese taste good. One day I tried to grill up some burgers before Darren came home from work and he couldn’t even eat it because the amount of garlic and onion I added. I cried. I used to get so frustrated at all the work it took to cook and then taste like ass. SO frustrated!! 

So after a lot of mishaps, I slowly watched how Darren did things and he helped me step by step to the point I got really good. 

Before all these gluten changes, I really enjoyed cooking. I’ve hosted parties and would cook for 2 days for it. I’ve cooked Thanksgiving twice, I’ve made the tastiest tailgating side dishes, I’ve made food for the PTO, and everyone asks for my taco dip. 

My knife skills have improved the most. I can chop veggies for days! Baking gluten free anything is still a major challenge for us, but it’s a learning process. 

Darren still cooks quite a bit in our house and that is so helpful! Especially the grilling. I still can not work my way around the damn grill. It’s been quite nice when I am burnt out from cooking and he will take over dinner. He’s the best. 💙

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