Before and After

So when I started all of this, I had no intentions of becoming obsessed with the results for myself. I just wanted Chloe to start healing. I was going through pictures and have to show you what a big difference a month of really clean eating looks like. The picture on the left was taken on my birthday, May 28th. The picture on the right was taken June 24th. 

These pictures speak for themselves. 

Gluten was bad for me. 

My inflammation is down so much, I am down at least 2 sizes and almost 15 pounds. Hell, 20 pounds if you count the stress weight. 

I’ve quit coffee, sugar, dairy almost completely. I’m a sucker for those Herbert’s Lemonades, but other than that, I’ve been doing so well. I DON’T EVEN CRAVE TACO BELL anymore!!!! Yes, no doubt about it. I would much rather have chicken and salsa wrapped in lettuce. I’m noticing what foods make me feel good and what foods I can do without. My taste buds have changed completely. I am on like day 34ish and have no desire to go back. I know at some point I will have to deal with real life situations like restaurants, but for now, I’m just enjoying feeling good. 

Our meals are getting tastier every day. I post most of the new ones on Instagram, but we are starting to learn what we like and we repeat them a lot. Chloe is getting better about food and less picky daily. I still can’t get her to eat a beet or sauerkraut,  but one day I will! 

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