Month One is in the Books!

This week so far has been hectic to say the least! Monday was 100% dedicated to Connor and making him feel special. We had his half birthday party at Dave & Busters that night and it was a total success (minus the nerf gun cake fiasco.) We partied hardy for 4 solid hours! I had no idea we would stay that long! He had so much fun with his family, friends, and his best buddy, Connor O. I am so thankful for everyone who came and made him feel special. He was such a trooper through the presents and didn’t even flinch when he got shoes and nerf bullets. He was just thankful. When we got to the Xbox, he freaked out! It was the best reaction we could’ve expected! He had no clue that he was getting his first gaming system. We didn’t get home until 10:15 that night and were exhausted so it didn’t get set up until Tuesday.

The food situation was not near as bad as I had anticipated at the party. I brought Chloe her own food and the only real issue was when she saw the birthday cake. She knew she had her own cake aka GF brownie and that helped.  I got everyone’s cake dished up and took her back to the games for distraction. Totally worked!

Tuesday morning rolled around and it was just as chaotic. Chloe had her one month check up for the Allergy Doctor and we had to be in deep Scottsdale by 11 (roughly a 40 minute drive each way.) So I had to round up the troops and get everyone out the door by 10. The business phone was ringing nonstop and I had answered it 17 times before we left. I also dealt with the biggest and scariest poop of Chloe’s life. It was traumatizing. I was left shaking and scared to shower because of what might happen with her.  I went to my master bathroom and had a scared cry so she couldn’t witness this. I got myself thrown together and we were out the door on time…..I have no idea how!!!

Then, I dropped Connor off at Melissa’s and she took him to see Cars 3. Melissa, you are a freakin’ lifesaver!!! Thank you so much!!! Then, Chloe and I headed to Scottsdale. We got to her appointment and I was eager to see her levels and changes. She is doing much better than a month ago, but her liver, kidneys, and gall bladder are still not functioning properly which is why she is still somewhat backed up. Soooo, we need to incorporate more fermented foods into her diet. Such as pickled beets, kombucha, lemon water, and sauerkraut. Yikes, please tell me how to make a 2 year old eat this shit. I mean, I love this kinda stuff, but Chloe….? It’s iffy.

I left the appointment kinda sad, but not surprised. I knew she still was not 100%. I know this is going to take a long time, but I just feel so bad that she is still struggling. I have to remind myself how far we have come. I have to remember where we were 6 weeks ago and trust the process.

Today, I am spending the day at home cleaning and cooking like usual. I bought some dill flavored sauerkraut in hopes she will like the flavor. It does taste like dill pickles. I have also started adding fresh, organic, squeezed lemon into her water and her sippy cup.

I am hoping when we go back in another month, she continues to improve.

Please pray for this little girl!



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