Gluten Free/Allergy Friendly Expo

So, I was beyond ecstatic to be able to spend the day with my friend Kelly. Let me just tell you a few things about this wonder woman. If you think my life is hard and/or busy than times it by 10 and this is Kelly’s life! She has been my “go to friend” for the last 2 years and I have not seen her in over a year until today. We have so many similarities that it’s nice to bitch to someone who understands your crazy ass schedule. We are two very busy women! I can’t thank her enough for all of her help. 

Her hubby and self run a business just like us. Her job is way more in detail than mine, she also has three kids instead of two, and auto immune diseases as well. No matter what hell is going on in her life, she is always here for me. I pay attention to these kind of people!! You should too!! I call them my tribe. I have texted her at 7 AM and at 12 AM and every single time she responds as quick as possible. Not that I need it (always), but I know that she supports me and is here for me! That says a lot. I have really needed her. For strength, for wisdom, for guidance, and for spiritual growth. She has been a big chunk of my rock!! 

So, back to the GF Expo. It was amazing! We learned (and ate) so much Gluten Free food. There were so many vendors that we walked around like 10 times. All vendors had their allergens listed so before you even tried it, you knew what Top 8 food allergens were in it and you could avoid it. I wish life was like this!! But Kelly and I stuck to our normal routine and read every damn label. It’s quite funny. 

I found some useful information on all products and learned that xantham gum is derived from corn. SHIT!!! I’ve been giving Chloe things with this in it. Not a ton, but still. Shit. 

Then, I walked to the Norwex booth and saw Erin. I have never met Erin until today but she has reached out to me SO much to help and guide me on this journey. I saw her, ran up to her, and hugged her. I instantly broke into tears. She held me and she knew I needed it. Like I said, we have never met until today. She is amazing. Everyone who sympathizes with me on this journey, I TRULY appreciate the efforts, but until you have to make these MONUMENTAL changes for the health and safety of your family, you just don’t get it. She gets it. 

Everyone should be using Norwex products by the way. I found out today that dryer sheets are cancer’s best friend. I just threw mine in the garbage. I am probably going to have a party sometime soon. Please let me know if you want deets!

What a great day today has been! My heart is so full of gratitude, that it came out in tear form. Three times I believe? When you find these deep connections with people, you feel it. When you have to make these life changes for yourself and your family, you grow so much as a person. I am so thankful for Kelly and Erin and Haley and Mara and Julia and everyone else I am forgetting to name…(sorry, not intentional!) Thank you to all that have sent me recipes, random info, websites, Facebook or Instagram feeds to follow, and just for your deep understanding of this and what I’m going through. You guys have been my rock this past month and I am so thankful for you all! 💜

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