Summer Break? What’s that? 

So everyone plans on fun vacations with their families for the summer. That’s what normal people do. Someone asked me the other day what we were doing this summer and where we were going on vacation. I laughed. I laughed hard. What in the hell is a vacation? With everything going on in my life, I don’t see a vacation in the foreseeable future. It’s reached 120° in Phoenix and I have only been in my pool twice. I could have my own personal, mini vacation every day outside, but I have been stuck inside cleaning, cooking, juggling 2 needy children and the business phone. 

I am very lucky that I am able to work at home to run our business, but it is also a struggle to put in 10 to 15 hours a week at home while you have two kids who want attention and entertainment. I work at midnight or 5 am most of the time. That’s when I have time to concentrate. Fun life right? Owning a business is so glamorous! 

I keep thinking about if we would’ve found out Chloe’s diagnosis before the summer break and would that have changed what’s going on in my house right now? I don’t know if it would’ve helped to have Connor gone at school while we figured out all of this or if it’s better that he’s here and we are all learning together.  

Since the day Connor got out of school, we have been to dentist appointments, doctors appointments, the ER, and then all of our diet changes. Poor kid has not had a fun summer. I feel bad for him. His Uncle Jon and Aunt Candy have been asking to take him camping and this weekend was the perfect opportunity to give him some freedom. It will be especially nice for him to not have to deal with a grumpy mom. 

I admit it. I haven’t been fun lately. My summers usually involve lots of swimming, Pinterest crafts, board games, late night movies, camping trips, and junk food. None of that has happened (except his father-son camping trip only to come home to chaos and another ER trip for his sister.) It’s been a Netflix and iPad summer. I know in the scheme of things that Netflix and iPads are not the worst that could be going on, but I wish I could do more to entertain him. I seriously have done nothing but cook, meal plan, and work. It doesn’t help that summer is our busiest time of the year. My husband has averaged between 50 and 60 hours a week and I am at home juggling the rest. 

It is getting easier. I have all my meals planned for next week and am prepping for Connor’s 1/2 year birthday party on Monday. Poor kid has a December 26th birthday. It sucks, so we decided this would be good for him. We had no idea how badly he would need it! 

So Darren and I decided to do what any guilt ridden parent would do. We are spoiling the shit out of him. He’s getting an Xbox One and we told everyone to buy him games. BOOM. Done! I am also going to attempt a Nerf Gun cake per his request. I mean, I am basically Betty fucking Crocker at this point, might as well try a cake! 

One thought on “Summer Break? What’s that? 

  1. You are doing an amazing job! This will be a great summer of becoming a closer family! It will be a life changing summer where you teach your kids to cook and focus on their health! It will be a summer to remember!


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