Boy, this has been a hard one for me to post. I’ve been hesitant to say much about this laxative due to the people who are in the medical field. 

Please, hear me out. 

Chloe had severe constipation starting at one years old. After lots of family advice and still no progress, I went to our pediatrician. The pediaticrician suggested a 1/4 capful of Miralax per day for 2 weeks, just to get the bowels moving. I listened to my doctor. Then, we reduced the dose to 1/8 capful for an entire year.

I gave this laxative to Chloe for an entire year. It worked, kinda. After a year of pediatric visits and no concerns from them on habit forming or behavioral issues, I started to see the craziest child I have ever seen. Also, I started to wonder if this was why. 

I’m not a first time mom. I’ve dealt with terrible twos and tantrums. This was not the case. 

I saw an article posted in a mom’s group about Miralax connected to Neuropsychiatric side affects on children and my heart sank. I knew this was what was going on. 

I did a lot of investigating and I did not sleep for almost 3 days. (This also caused one of my panic attacks.) This stuff has caused so many horrible side effects on some kids that children have lost eye sight, developed tics(Tourette’s Syndrome or OCD), extreme behavior issues, Lyme Disease, and so many LONG TERM side effects. There are reports of almost 20,000 adverse affects from this drug to the FDA. Some including death. 

Please, please, please if you read this, DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR CHILD THIS POISON!! 

Doctors can prescribe something called Lactulose that is supposed to be much healthier and with much less horrible side effects for constipation. Please ask for this. 

I watched my daughter behave like a demon was inside her. It was pure hell and I now know it was because the miralax was entering her bloodstream through her leaky gut and the poison was making her psychotic and lucid. Makes total sense once you’ve done as much research on this as I have.  

Also, NOT EVERYONE who takes Miralax has these side effects. These side effects go hand in hand with the leaky gut. 

Please don’t reach out to me to argue. I don’t need your advice or medical terminology. Go read the FDA reports. I’ve witnessed this all 100%, first hand, as a full time mother. I haven’t left my daughter’s side in months unless it was with my husband or close family. I know what has worked and what has failed. Miralax is straight up poison.  

They are starting a study at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the neuropsychiatric side effects that Miralax has had on children. You can’t tell me that this is a good thing….

If this blog helps one parent to choose another route than Miralax, I will have done my job. Please!!! I beg you. 

I pray every day that Chloe’s side effects from this go away. Every day her vocabulary and learning improves and I hope that we can soon be back on track to a normal and happy toddler. 

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