Real life. Day 20 ish?

Gosh, I don’t even know what to update about! That’s a good sign for me, haha. 

Chloe is trucking along and eating awesome. Everyone who does this told me it would take a month to figure this all out. It totally HAS! I kept telling myself I would have it down in a week, but no. I make mistakes all the damn time. Not with gluten, but the other crap. Corn starch especially. 

Today, we made eggs, turkey bacon and various fruit for breakfast. Lunch was a GF hot dog, and dinner was GF spaghetti. Wasn’t the tasty meals from the weekend, but still did the job. Too much damn work. I’m tired. 

Today, Chloe went into the bathroom (crying), but on her own knowing she had to poop. She was scared, but she didn’t fight it. Such a relief!!! I jump for joy for poop in this house. I never in my life envisioned the amount of shit I would have to deal with. Literally. 

Every time it is getting easier and every time she’s less scared. I feel like we are finally back to healing! (*knock on wood*!!!) I physically can not handle another ER trip. I will be in there with her. No joke. 

I am still absolutely terrified to go anywhere or do anything. My social life went into the shitter. One of my best friends just moved here and I have barely seen her. Sorry Melissa! But I know she gets it. She has witnessed some horrific shit here that has brought her to tears. She knows what I deal with. 

Watching Chloe get rid of her separation anxiety from mama and watching her be HAPPY is worth every second of hell we have dealt with.

I’ve had so many challenges in my life and I can honestly say this is the hardest one yet! I have to worry about every single thing that enters my daughter’s mouth for the rest of my life. Swallow that pill and tell me how it tastes. 

I know it’s going to be a battle for life and I know we can do this. I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with her so I don’t leave these restrictions and stress on anyone else!!! I would be crawling out of my skin if she had to go to day care! I hope by kindergarten we have this down to a science. 

All we can do is hope and pray for the best. Every day gets better, every day gets easier, and every day my little Chloe-Bug gets happier and healthier!!! 💞💜💞

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