Our first family outing Gluten Free…

So the last month has been weird to say the least. I am trying to find a balance of normal life and I do not have one yet. I have been dreading every meal and stressing about every single thing that’s entered Chloe’s mouth. It has been weird. 

Today was the first day since her diagnosis that we have tried to be somewhat normal. Darren’s family had a Father’s Day party at my sister in law’s this evening and we were nervous. We did notice that they changed the meal options for us. That was so damn sweet!! 💜

Darren’s family has been beyond amazing through this whole experience. They want to learn and they definitely want to help. That support from them is something I haven’t felt in my entire life. Their love for me and my kids is above and beyond love. It’s beautiful. 

We had deli meat sandwiches and all the fixings. Darren’s mom made sure to check with me multiple times about the meat, the slicing, cross contamination, and just questions about what Chloe can eat. This makes my heart so happy to have that support. Darren’s sisters also tried to buy things they thought she could eat. Damn corn starch fucks everything up with this stuff. But it was so damn considerate!! It’s funny that 10 years ago I didn’t even know these people and now they are my family support 100%. 

Chloe ate a giant bowl of sliced turkey and didn’t even flinch when bread, Doritos, soda, and cheese were around! This was such a relief. I think she’s starting to catch on to what hurts her tummy.  

Then the kids swam their hearts out and we came back to our sanctuary knowing we can handle normal again. Such a relief!! 

Thank you Kidd family for being the genuine, amazing people that you are! 

Now, if we can just figure out how to handle Connor’s half year party next week, then we are set!! 

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