Post Gluten

Yuck. I am still so mad at myself for eating gluten last night. Mostly because I feel like my sinuses are about to explode, my skin is still red, and I broke out. Yes. I blame gluten 100%. Not cool. 

I spent the entire day downing way too much coffee. I was exhausted from my stupid gluten filled meal. Then I bit the bullet and cleaned my house. It’s been a disaster lately and I’ve had no drive to clean it. When your options are sleep or cleaning, you choose sleep. Always. 

I swept, vaccuumed, dusted, cleaned out the fridge, made beds, did laundry, cleaned the pool, scrubbed toilets and bath tubs, and even cleaned base boards. 

All of this made me so happy! Why? Because getting back to tedious housework made me feel somewhat normal again. Sweating out my gluten overdose made me feel good again. Having a clean house calms my anxiety. I’m weird like that, but my hubby loves it. He deals with hoarders and cat people daily. I’m glad he gets to come home to a clean house. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right. 

I took Connor grocery shopping with me and let him buy a toy with his hard earned tooth fairy money. He deserved it so I didn’t even make him spend his money.  I’m so proud he’s my kid. He is a stud. I make him get up every morning and do his 10 chores before tablet time or television. He cleans up dog poop and sorts his own laundry. He is truly a great kidd. 

Chloe is back to my happy little cherub. She’s been wrestling and playing all day.  Her cheeks are rosy and full. I love seeing her get a little chubby!!! She acts a little uncomfortable because she’s holding another poop back. We are getting there. Today she’s eaten the healthiest out of this entire journey. Scrambled eggs, bone broth spaghetti and even 8 ounces of straight up water! So awesome!! I am making Cornish game hens with rosemary and lemon for dinner and I pray she eats it. 

Today was an overall good day. We are back to healing and every time I meal plan it gets easier. We got this. 

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