So after I cooked my 6th meal for the day and completely ruined tacos, I developed a case of the fuck its!!

Connor was so awesome and tried to choke down my horrific beef tacos with way too much garlic and not near enough seasoning. The corn tacos fell apart and tasted like cardboard. He even gagged and didn’t complain. I was so impressed with him! 

Darren just got home from work and I told him to watch sleeping Chloe while Connor and mom had a date. 

Connor was so excited! I took him to Wendy’s and let him have whatever the hell he wanted. Root beer, fries, frosty, and a 10 piece nugget. 

While he was choking all the gluten down, my hanger got the best of me and I ordered Burritos from Top Shelf for Darren and myself. I immediately felt guilty like I was cheating Chloe. Connor finished his meal and I went to pick up my food with so much guilt. Why??! I haven’t had any gluten for 17 days and I don’t have a problem….well do I? I might have a slight addiction. Plus, PMS doesn’t help those cravings. 

So, I picked up the food and came home feeling guilt ridden from gluten. 

Chloe was still asleep on the couch and I went to town on the chips, salsa, and burrito. 

I now feel like total shit. I went from feeling the skinniest I have felt in a long time to instantly bloated, gassy and looking 4 months pregnant. I am mad I slipped up, but I am also happy I did it. I don’t like feeling like this. 

This was a good test. I obviously have an issue with gluten. My skin is red again and my heart is racing. What the hell?! Yuck.  

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