Day 13

Wow! What a ride we have been on! Sorry for the delayed post and delay to all the texts, calls, Facebook messages and so on that I have not responded to. I have been trying to keep Chloe happy, calm, and comfortable while she got over this nasty ass norovirus (which is what both doctors assumed she’s had after I made my 9 a.m. frantic phone calls.) 

I don’t even know where to begin.

We started out thinking it was teething, then the crazy rollercoaster of nastiness which led to the ER, and then we dealt with the fear of sickness of hell that wrecked the family the entire weekend. I had everyone quarantined (and psycho) about this illness that no one tested the boundaries. 

Thank goodness no one else got this crap!! My house has been quarantined with bleach and as many natural products as possible.

Sooo, this shit is about to get real. 


We just started having normal bowel movements for Chloe on Thursday. (After Day 10 of our new diet.) 

The boys were camping, I was on a 10 minute phone call booking a very important job and Chloe went into the other room and pooped all on her own!!! I have never been so excited and proud about about a movement… Ironically, this was first day she started acting sick. 6 hours later. 


I have never been so mad at life!!!!! Honestly! 

Life can screw me over 100 times, but the second it starts messing with my kids is when I go psycho. 

After all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and now a bit of Monday afternoon….and an intense convo with my awesome Aunt Gina (thank you for talking me off that ledge 😬), I finally came home from a much needed trip to get groceries and to see a happy kiddo! 

Chloe has started eating and drinking regularly….but still no poop. 💩 


I am mad. This constipation issue we’ve dealt with for years just got handled!!! 

Even after Castor Oil, a high dose of magnesium citrate, and a suppository today, still no shit. Yep, you read that right. This has been my entire LAST year, if not 2 years!! I don’t talk about it, because why? Why do you tell people your daughter shits bloody stools after holding it in to the point of misery?! You don’t. You don’t fuckin share details. Which is why I AM HERE. 

You wanna share?! Please!!! Share away. This has become normal for me as a mom, if not more. 

I tend to not acknowledge how bad this has been… I am fucking furious that after 2 weeks of myself going gluten free and all of the mountains we have climbed, that she is backed up again. I am furious she got a random illness at the WORST possible time for her (and me!) I am not trying to be selfish, but I am a nervous wreck. This past month has made me question so many life decisions and made me so upset. 

We got this. We have to keep pushing on making changes everyday. No other options. 

We are strong! Chloe and mama are fucking rockstars. 

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