Day… I can’t even remember…?

I don’t even know where to start. I am writing this post after not even knowing what day it is. I am so exhausted. I’m pretty sure I have had about 3-4 ish hours of sleep in the last 2 days combined. I lost my phone today and found it in the cupboard on a shelf. Yep. 

Chloe ended up in the ER yesterday. Which is something I NEVER do unless my gut instinct starts crawling. After such strange behavior, I knew we had to go. A fever is one thing, vomiting is one thing, but signs of extreme dehydration and beginning of a seizure is when I don’t take chances anymore. 


When is life going to catch me a break? I’m not trying to be whiny, but fuck! I can’t get ahead. April, May and NOW June have been absolute hell and all I can say is that only 50% of this was Chloe stuff, so that says something. 

Chloe contracted some sort of bacterial infection which caused her severe reactions. Thank God it wasn’t gluten!! The only places I’ve taken her in 2 weeks was Target, Fry’s and that GF restaurant. Not cool. We didn’t have a much better day unfortunately. After all day of trying to withhold meds, I finally gave her some ibuprofen so she would eat some food. Which she did and now she is sleeping for the first time in 12 hours. I am exhausted, scared, anxiety ridden and overall just worn out. I felt so awful making Connor be quarantined to his room with Lysol all day to avoid the bug, but I think it’s paid off. No one else seems sick. (Yet!) 

I made the most amazing homemade chicken noodle soup from my bone broth for dinner and my entire family loved it. It’s so nice to finally have a meal everyone loves and was so healthy! I am trying to find the silver lining in life right now to keep my sanity. 

I am so thankful I have my hubby behind all of my craziness 100% of the time. I can’t imagine being separated or divorced through all of these challenges we face on a daily basis. We can take mountains and make them molehills. We have each other’s backs. I love this. 

I am also so thankful I found a can of spaghettios in the cupboard to feed Connor while Chloe was playing. I needed a convenient meal for the first time in a long damn time and didn’t want to feel bad about it. 

Life is hard sometimes. Pray for Chloe and put good vibes out into the world for this sweet little girl who deserves to catch a break. 🙏🏻

Special thanks to Aunt Bobi for showing up at the hospital to support me. She knows I would’ve never asked her to show up, but she made that whole experience so much better for Chloe and especially me. She is the best. We love you BoBs! 💞 

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