Day 9

After smelling bone broth all day, I got hungry and poured myself a bowl of the mush. I needed to add way more water, but I felt like Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet. I devoured that shit! It was so strange! A month ago I would’ve barfed at this. I remember reading an article a lifetime ago about (Tomb Raider chick) Mila Jovovich craving bone marrow while she was pregnant and thinking that was the most disgusting thing ever. Who craves that?! Here I am, however many years later sharing a bowl of bone marrow mush with my daughter and almost crying tears of joy after she eats 4 bites of it because I know how badly she needs the nutrients. I’m fucking desperate. And hungry. Bone marrow is delicious and I might be the cast in the next Twilight movie.
I’ve been sucking on apple cider vinegar soaked cucumbers (healthier pickles) and Chloe has slowly ate random bites of super healthy food all day. I will take it. Every day gets easier. 

We took a field trip to Jewel’s bakery for lunch today. Mostly to take a break from cooking and get out of the house. Then, we needed some retail therapy and went to Target. That store is as addicting as gluten. Clothes, shoes, barbies and even found some healthy food there too. 🛍 

We miss the boys. They are having a blast and a much needed break. 

I really am missing tacos right now too. 

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