Day 10

I am back to being frustrated today. I was so damn thrilled last night when she ate a giant bowl of spaghetti. I included some bone broth into the sauce as well. I felt like I was super woman who had finally got over a giant hurdle!! 
Then there is this morning fighting over cereal and banana pancakes. 😡 I am not sure if this is going to be a roller coaster every other day or not! 

Shout out to Julia Jacks for recommending these pancakes! They were amazing! 2 bananas, 4 brown eggs and a dash of cinnamon and coconut oil. Delish! 

Last night at 10:30 PM Chloe was running around the house holding her tummy and saying “Mommy, my tummy feels so good!” I have never been so happy in my entire life! I immediately texted Darren and jumped for joy! This was such a monumental occasion for our family. I am not sure if I have ever heard those words out of her mouth….Then here we are this morning being grumpy and picky again. 

My best suggestion if you have a small child like myself with a gluten intolerance especially, is to find some creativity! Distract them from the foods!! Last night I had to pretend I was the cat from Bolt and she was Bolt. The cat (mom) was trying to feed Bolt (Chloe) so she could chase the bad guys. Yep, we are that weird!! But it worked!! Today, I had to climb inside of her princess tent and feed the “princess” in her chambers to get her to eat the pancakes. At this point I don’t even care about the weird places and scenarios of our meals, I am just like whatever girlfriend, you are eating!! 

On a side note: because Chloe cannot tell me fully what is changing inside of her body and I can only notice so much… I have made these changes for myself as a personal project and example for her. 

I will post some pictures once I hit an entire 30 days of GF, but the changes in my body are already monumental! I am down 10 pounds and who knows how many inches. Today, I put on a pair of shorts that I have not worn since before I was pregnant with Chloe. I can’t make this shit up!!!! Ask any of my friends that have seen me in the last 10 days and they will tell you that they have noticed a difference in my overall appearance. My skin is not red or inflamed and I am not bloated or swollen anymore. I feel more mentally clear and alert. I’m remembering the 9 million things on my daily to do list and my energy is impeccable!! I’ve almost quit coffee completely. THIS IS DAY 10!!!! Yes, I have been craving gluten filled carbs, but I haven’t been extremely hungry because I have been filling my body full of so many nutrients. I haven’t counted one single calorie or even paid attention to how many calories I am consuming, but every single day I get on the scale and it is lower than the day before.  

I’m sold.

One thought on “Day 10

  1. That picture of her looks like she is actually changing in the face…she’s got some meat on them bones!!!! And you…I will vouche! Girl, you look amazing!

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