Day 8

Today is the first day since the diagnosis that I finally feel like I can breathe. This week has been one of the hardest of my life. I had no idea how hard it would be to cut all of this stuff out of our lives. Especially gluten. I had no idea how many things contained this crap.

So my hubby had a small day of work today and decided to take his only immediate days off to take my 7 year old son camping and rzr riding for 2 nights. This was such a life saver for our family right now! It has been so hard juggling all of this by myself while he has worked so much. BTW!!! I love him so hard!!! His work ethic is by far the MOST attractive thing about him.  I love him so hard that I CAN NOT complain, especially with how freakin hard he kills himself daily. But, I am tired too. This break for the boys to enjoy crap food and have fun without any restrictions is so necessary for them right now.  I feel so bad for being such a hag who is hangry for carbs, I hope they have a freakin’ blast while Chloe and I are choking down bone broth and salad. Seriously, I hope they have so much damn fun!

Johnny, my male BFF came over to keep me company for awhile and we had such a good time. He is the Godfather to Connor and Chloe and such an amazing influence in their lives. Good humans make for a good tribe.



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