Day 7

So today has been much, much better than yesterday. I was so hangry last night!! I miss my gluten filled carbs!!! 

Chloe slept great last night and when she woke up, she looked like she grew! Her cheeks were rosy and full and she even felt heavier! This poor girl is almost 3, looks like she is barely 2, and only weighs 26 pounds. Every single check up since 18 months I have mentioned her small size and her percentiles declining, but no one seemed to be worried. I brushed it off and just thought I would have a small kid with a high metabolism. Well, she has not been growing because her body has been fighting her food instead of absorbing the nutrition. Why was I the only one to raise concern?!?! I am so mad it took this long to have answers, but so damn relieved to see a change for the positive. She’s been lovey dovey to everyone and I’m so glad she is! For the first time in 2 years when I asked her if her belly hurt, she said NO!!!! I could’ve cried from relief. 

She has been very picky with food today and that’s been irritating because I know how badly her body needs nutritionally dense food and she scoffs at the really good stuff. I could pull my hair out. It’s beyond difficult explaining to a 2 year old why she has to eat this stuff now. I am hoping it gets easier every day. 

I bought 2 whole chickens at sprouts today to cook for dinner and am planning on making bone broth with the carcasses tomorrow and eventually a chicken noodle soup. It’s quite funny to me that a week ago, I was absolutely clueless to this stuff and tomorrow I will be making my own bone broth. If I can change this much, anyone can. 

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