Day 6

DAY 6.

GRRRRRRRR!!! I am not trying to complain ALL the time, but I am also trying to be 100% real. This change is hard and I want everyone who lived a life like I did, to know what this is like AND KNOW IT CAN BE DONE! SO, that being said…here is today. I made stupid, fake eggo waffles from Trader Joe’s in the toaster for breakfast. Now, after all the research I have been doing, I know that it’s best to make shit on your own. Oh great, I just spent probably $80 in crap that really isn’t that great for my family. Gee. Wonderful. So happy about that. Also, can you tell I might be having a gluten carb detox attack? My headache and muscle ache is back but mostly because my kids have been up the damn wall. Literally, Connor climbed the doorways. All damn day. My hubby has put in over 55 hours this week and I am not complaining, but this battle with the kids and Chloe has been on my shoulders full force! Then, after I dreaded making lunch for 2 hours, I mustered up the energy to make turkey spaghetti for the 6th time this week. Yep, day 6 and 6 meals of turkey, GF Spaghetti Sauce and stupid brown rice pasta. I will say that the brown rice pasta from Trader Joe’s actually tastes better than that regular shit hole gluten garbage. I will give the pasta that!!! Go try it! It cooks way different and you can not leave it! You have to stir it FREQUENTLY, add coconut oil to the water, and make sure it doesn’t stick together. I post all my weird meals on Instagram so I can document (mostly remember) how great or horrible each is. If it annoys you, then just hit unfollow. There are no need for words between us. Thanks, really.

I also had to take (yell at) both my hubby and my son aside to talk about how we don’t glorify that gluten garbage in this house anymore. I literally snapped at my hubby for talking about a 4 by 4 at In’N’Out today. The last 2 years I have rewarded Connor for FINALLY eating a meal with a dessert. Now, I had to scold him for asking for a go-gurt and told him to go eat in his room. That sucked so much. Good hell, this is sooooo hard! This is not normal for my family or society! I then went in his room and gave him the textbook explanation (literally) from a book on how to explain to other kids about this shit. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!!!! How does a 7 year old get rewarded with treats and now scolded for asking for them only because his sister is sick??? Seriously, help me! I have no clue wtf I am doing.

I feel like I need to put a quarantine sign on the front door and say “DO NOT BRING GLUTEN UPON THE PREMISES!” I have officially become a psycho.


Another thing I wanted to document before I forget is that most people with Celiac usually have a family member with it. That, I find interesting! We are self-employed (no insurance) and/or broke in the medical department and have spent enough on her doctor visits that the test is not important to us. I am vigilantly changing MYSELF for HER! Like I have told everyone, I do not HAVE to make this change, but I know my daughter needs an ally and a teammate. I am more than happy to do that for her. I would literally do anything for my kids. Clearly. I love them more than life itself.

Without getting into details (you’re welcome), I know both sides of Chloe’s families have had some sort of gastrointestinal issues…basically forever. Since we both grew up in Idaho on WHEAT FARMS, I can’t help but think that this is coincidence. I may be over analyzing everything like I do anyways, but I just feel like this is all connected on a larger scale.

Another random fact:

Did you know most GI doctors are booked out at least 3 months?!?!?! Even in large practices?! This alone tells me that our society has a giant issue with our guts!!!! Yuck!

Even though I am frustrated, scared, hangry, mad, tired, etc. I can not deny the immediate difference in Chloe. She is happy again! She wrestled with her uncles tonight and giggled until she fell over. I haven’t seen that Chloe in a long time, it was amazing!

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